By using our propriety software SIMPLIFY® BetaPlus simplify all GROUP BENEFITS costs and the long term implication on your employees.

  • BetaPlus is an investment company specialising in Group BenefitsWe ARE NOT brokers!
  • Pricing only becomes an issue in the absence of value, however showing BEST PRICING, is our starting point;
  • BetaPlus does not charge commissions, rather agreed, transparent fees;
  • Beta Plus concentrates on getting the best returns for the fund i.e. the better the fund performs the greater our fee. Thus the interests of the client and Beta Plus are totally aligned !
  • Beta Plus is INDEPENDENT from all providers and will act on behalf of our clients to obtain the BEST service / fees / Pricing. Our proposals  present BEST proposals available in the market.
  • SIMPLIFY – By using our dedicated programme SIMPLIFY® we will show the client all fees and the real value of their fund at age 65;
  • Beta Plus free up the  HR department time by updating members details on line, Immediate changes to contributions, online, submission of claims and tracking & trace  of claim payments.
  • Traditional benefit statements are not understandable / easy to read or transparent.  Each employee gets a personalised “Nest Egg” showing him/her their ACTUAL real ability to retire, understandable death and disability benefits.